company greeting
  • Steel Corea K. A. Co., Ltd. was established in 2003.
  • We have supplied steel and metal raw materials such as cold rolled steel, carbon steel, high carbon tool steel and stainless steel necessary for automobile parts, Components for semiconductors and electronics, parts for precision machine and shipbuilding, special cutlery and tools for makers.
  • Also we have been producing various kinds of cutter blades in our own factory and have exported them with our own brand DAZALLA as well as on OEM base to overseas markets.
  • We have subcontracted several makers for gardening and farming tools such as saws and pruning shears and have exported them, too.
  • We are ready for exporting the above products with good quality at reasonable prices. Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime if you are interested in them.
  • Sincerely yours, Kim Dong Hwan

    steel corea k.a ceo autograph